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If you're one of the many people who prefer not to carry credit cards, the Manteca Bedquarters No Credit Needed plan may be right for you!

Apply online now – if you're approved, simply bring in your application's approval number, your photo ID and a copy of your photo ID, to our store.
This credit plan does not check FICO credit scores and only applies to in store sales.
Up to 36 Months no interest with approved credit.

What are the requirements needed for the No Credit Needed plan?

To pre-qualify for the No Credit Needed plan follow the checklist below. Bring in the required documents to a location near you.

Income Requirements

  • Must be employed for 6 months at the same company
  • Must earn minimum income of $1000 per month (gross)

Checking Account Requirements

  • Open and active for 3 months
  • No overdrafts for the last 30 days
  • $500 per month of deposits
  • Does not end in a negative balance

Documents Needed

You MUST come prepared with ALL of the following:
Pay stub and W-2 or year-end pay stub, OR Social Security or disability letter, OR 1099 or business license
In addition to the following items:
  • Most recent 30-day bank statement
  • Voided check or completed bank verification form
  • Photo ID and a copy of your Photo ID on paper
  • $40.00 processing fee
  • You MUST provide a voided check or bank verification form to prove that you meet the above requirements.

Photo ID

You MUST provide a valid form of photo ID during this process.

How do I make payments?

Payments are automatically withdrawn on your paydays. For a $1000 invoice your payments are $150 per month. If you are paid weekly, your payment will be $34.62 every payday for 52 payments. If you are paid bi-weekly, your payments are $69.23 for 26 payments. Monthly payments, which include Social Security benefits, V. A. Benefits and Disability income, will be for $150.00 a month, for 12 months.

What if I do not have a checking account?

You cannot qualify without a checking account. For approval you must have a checking account and provide a voided check. If you don't have a check to void, we will provide a Bank Verification Form for your bank to complete and stamp.

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